The first online course to become an equalization instructor

Our vision

It seems common ground that equalization is optional: a simple ornament of freediving. As if knowing how to teach equalization was not important for teaching freediving. We have a different view. Equalization is not just a specialty course, and Share is the course for all the freedivers who share our view!


This course is 100% online and you can attend from anywhere! You need to be an active freediving instructor or Scuba instructor with a freediving certification or ENT or Hyperbaric doctor.

4 good reasons for choosing this course


Because you feel useless when your students have equalization issues, whereas you feel super happy when you can help them overcome their problems.


Because you are tired of all those courses where you get loads of information and training materials, and after one month you feel as if you were at a starting point.


Because today the real difference is not made by contents and your instructor records, but it's made by the teaching method and by the tools supporting that method.


Because our goal is to help people to equalize, not to create instructors

Share Equalization instructor courses

The learning process

Discover all the steps of this learning process in detail

Our awesome features
Learning by observing

You will learn all the exercises contained in the instructor's manual. Some Units will be self-paced, and other Units will be held in live webinars with up to 4 participants. After each webinar, your tutor will give you homework that you will do assisted by the platform. We will be your tutors and you will be able to see us at work during the webinars and during homework evaluation. Each webinar will be recorded and uploaded to the platform

Our awesome features
Learning by teaching

You'll be the instructor. You will learn how to teach (demonstrate, check, evaluate) all the exercises from the instructor's manual. Each webinar will be recorded and will be available on the platform We will play the role of students as your classmates, and we will do the exercises

Our awesome features

When you feel ready, book your exam to get your certification The exam will be held in a seminar, that will be recorded and available online It's possible to take the exam twice without extra costs

Our awesome features

You can join us in our dry and wet (Y-40*) sessions whenever you want. It will take place as active coaching, on a real customer: we will teach the lessons together

Our awesome features
Join our community

Experience what you've learned even with your friends. Find out your way to teach equalization with Share. Start teaching and enjoy the Share community and our weekly and monthly meetings!

Share Trainer

Meet our trainers that make this journey an amazing experience.

Federico Mana

you can take a donkey to the fountain but you can't force it to drink

Giovanni Bianco

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn "B Franklin"

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